Want to Start an Influencer Program?

Four questions to ask before diving into Influencer Relations.

Influencer Relations has a lovely ring to it, but what does it actually mean and what does it take to execute a program successfully? Like any good inbound marketing pursuit, launching an influencer relations program involves bringing a prospect, in this case an influencer partner, on a journey from awareness and consideration on through “solution” and if you’ve done things right to loyal partner.

But before you can do any of this successfully, you have to be brutally honest about your goals for your program and what you have to offer.  Here are 4 questions to ground the planning process when considering work with an influencer group:

  1. What problem(s) will this program solve? 
  2. Who is the shared audience or customer?
  3. What is the “Ask & Offer?” 
  4. How is success measured?

The Catch: Thinking for Three

These questions seem simple enough, but remember this is a partnership. Success is based on being able to answer from both sides of the equation- “your company” and the influencer group in question. And remember, all this is in service to engaging the audience you mutually care about.

Simply put, a top flight Influencer Relations program is equal parts marathon and three legged race. True success hinges on being bound to your influencer partner and target customers and finishing as a team.


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