Hiding in Plain Sight

Purple Squirrels and the Rise of Omni-Channel Influence There’s an elusive “other” in the room with your customers, whispering in their ear.  Buy, don’t buy. But just who is this phantom influencer? I’m fond of calling these influencers purple squirrels– borrowing a bit from talent recruiters who coined the term to describe the “perfect candidate.” […]

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The Power of Networked Relationships

Gone are the days where single point engagement programs are sufficient. In order to fully protect and build corporate reputation, companies need to approach working with influencers holistically. Influence is networked, and with the avalanche of content pouring out of marketers, it’s also at a premium.

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Want to Start an Influencer Program?

Influencer Relations has a lovely ring to it, but what does it actually mean and what does it take to execute a program successfully? Like any good inbound marketing pursuit, launching an influencer relations program involves bringing a prospect, in this case an influencer partner, on a journey from awareness and consideration on through “solution” and if you’ve done things right to loyal partner.

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The Tao of Influence: Part One

Want to know the quickest way to kill a conversation? Begin and end with your undisputed awesomeness. Too harsh? Perhaps, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Winning the hearts and minds of customers is an opportunity for a conversation. The catch is, the conversation isn’t always between you and the customer. Other people and groups influence customer decisions, often more heavily than we’d like to admit.

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